NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

Few months with the team of the very stylish French snowboard magazine Act Snowboarding (David Tchag and Brynild Vulin) , free creation on layout designs !

Quelques mois avec le magasine Français très stylé, Act Snowboarding ( mené par David Tchag et Brynild Vulin), carte blanche sur plusieurs designs d’articles!


edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-6.jpg edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-1.jpg edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-2.jpg edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-3.jpg edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-4.jpg edition-magasine-natch-graphicdesign-5.jpg