NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

Andromeda is a brand new Swiss-Singaporean Jewellery Brand. Very dedicated woman Jewellery brand, 30 to 45 years old oriented, successful and mature. Behind the word it-self, a lot of symbolic around the feminine and the universe creation. The Singaporean owner has the strong desire to create a brand able to be fresh and mature at the same time with a solid bespoke design section. Jewelleries are made from precious & semi-precious stones and the scarfs from silk. For this project, Natch Studio is in charge to create the user interface of the web-site, the art direction of the photo shooting, the editing of the pictures, the promotional flyers and the scarf collection for 2017-2018. Working in collaboration with jewelry designers, web-developer ( Mr Hendro Steven ) and professional fashion photographers ( Caleb&Gladis ).


rsz_andromada-photoshop-calbgladis-two-natch_copy.jpg rsz_andromada-photoshop-calbgladis-one-natch.jpg rsz_andromada-photoshop-calbgladis-tree-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-logo.jpg rsz_andromada-visuals-website-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-magazine-prestige-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-web-site-one-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-web-site-page1-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-web-site-page2-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-web-site-page3-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-web-site-page4-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-flyer-diamond-two-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-scarf-design-natch.jpg rsz_andromeda-photo-edit-one-natch.jpg rsz_1andromeda-photo-edit-two-natch.jpg rsz_andromada-photoshop-calbgladis-makingof-natch.jpg