NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

Blue Nutmeg is a coming soon line of 3 luxury catamarans by Anzara Cruise, operating for the Anzara Resort (soon based in Nusa Lembongan Island – Indonesia). Following the new “ Affordable-Luxury” trend, theses boats are very comfortable and designed for couples or business groups who wants to enjoy Indonesian landscapes from the sea. The idea of bringing a casual, classic and light feeling with the design seemed obvious. Indeed, sailing is a simple pleasure, surrounded with the ideas of freedom, escape and privilege. The booklet cover is printed on silver paper and the pages on glossy paper thereby giving the impression of accessible quality. Natch Studio also has been exploring the concept of “inside-out of the boat “ & “freedom feeling” with the layout. Natch Studio was asked to design the booklet and the web site interface for this line of catamaran belonging to the new Singaporean group Anzara Resort & Anzara Cruises.

rsz_anzara-web-cover.jpg rsz_1anzara-booklet-cover.jpg rsz_anzara-booklet-pages.jpg rsz_anzara-boat-mockup.jpg rsz_anzara-computer-website-mockup.jpg rsz_31anzara-website-pages.jpg