NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

La P’tite Hirondelle is a French freelancer project organiser. The meaning is “The small Swallow bird”. It’s baseline is : “Project accelerator”.

Villa Duma is a coming soon villa located in Balangan-south of Bali. The idea was to simplify the shape of this famous Balinese flower, bring a luxurious and slightly geometrical feeling to express the balance between modern & natural.

Resort Photographer is a group a 3 professional leisure photographers from Jakarta. The number 3 is symbolic core for the team as it’s also the feet number of the camera tripod feet, always used for this kind of photography making.

Delicatly Delicious is a local takeaway food brand, which only works on delivery, based in Bali. The recipes are based on Jamie Olivier’s books.


rsz_p-hirondelle-logo-natch.jpg rsz_r-photographers-logo-natch.jpg rsz_1v-duma-logo-natch.jpg delicatly-delicious-natch-logo.jpg