NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

In addition to the design of the logo for this new, one of a kind bar & restaurant in Nusa Lembongan (Indonesia), Natch was also responsible for designing, managing and monitoring the production of a large panel of items : menu, signage, light bar, stuby holder, reservation block, bill, envelope, business card, pizza boxes… Natch also produced a mural Painting of 2m50 x 6m on the stage background wall + a 3m x 1,5 m on the bat background wall. A design matching with Bali’s Island and Natural spirit. In direct collaboration with ARCHIMETRIZ Architect – Bali.


3-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 11-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 17-lemongrass-bali-natchgraphicdesign1.jpg 13-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 4-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 2-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 16-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign2.jpg rsz_dadaplay©natchgd.jpg 14-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 20-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg 10-lemongrass-bali-natch-graphicdesign1.jpg rsz_26-lemongrass-bali-natchgraphicdesign.jpg rsz_25-lemongrass-bali-natchgraphicdesign.jpg rsz_27-lemongrass-bali-natchgraphicdesign.jpg