NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

Malibu Beach Club is located on the sunset part of Gili-Trawangan (Lombok – Indonesia), pretty far from the centre of activity and chooses to attract people from 11 am to 10pm. The basic idea was to create a beach club iconic enough to attract people on this part of the island, sell burgers plus offer a pool with amazing sea view (the coral makes swimming difficult on this part of the island). Red, was a simple answer to become iconic. Out of space, perfect for lying down under the sun after party and playing beach games, the place is oriented young, friendly, fun and qualitative. Imagining a stranded old container, full of wonders, discovered by a group a people lost in the island, the idea of mixing vintage style, traditional pattern with pop style naturally emerged. Natch Studio was in charge of the global visual identity design for this project : Logotype, mural paintings, menu, visual communication, and some furniture items.

Big Thanks to Mathilde Clement for photography & PaerStud for mural painting execution.

rsz_malibu-menu-real-natch-2.jpg rsz_malibu-menu-pages-two-natch-2.jpg rsz_malibu-menu-pages-one_-natch-2.jpg rsz_malibu-stubby-menu-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-anastasia-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-anastasia-2-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-poster-tickets-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-website-one-natch.png rsz_malibu-web-site-two-natch.jpg rsz_2malibu-poster-big-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-posters-2-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-11-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-01-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-21-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-02-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-09-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-04-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-05-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-12-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-15-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-25-natch.jpg rsz_malibu-16-natch.jpg