NATCH – Brand Identity Design & Paintings – Bali – France

Nusa Lembongan is a very beautiful small Island facing Bali, surrounded by intense turquoise water. Few years ago, the island was famous for seaweed farming. This knowledge slowly abandoned for tourism business, Wayan the local owner decided to call his new Spa “ Wakame” ( Seaweed in Japanese Language) to honour the memory of this lost science. The idea was to create a logotype simply mixing the letter W and the seaweed shape, wearing the turquoise colour, so specific to this island. . The details of the accompanying typography are inspired by the idea of a flowing seaweed under the water. The challenge for this project was to bring together the feeling of nature, wellness, softness and cleanness for this Spa. Natch Studio was asked to design the logotype, the menu and the packaging for their homemade cream & body milk product, using seaweed and coconut oil.


rsz_wakame-menu.jpg rsz_wakame-menu-picture.jpg rsz_wakame-massage-picture.jpg rsz_wakame-cosmetics.jpg rsz_wakame-brochure.jpg rsz_wakame-sign-wall.jpg rsz_lembongan-island.jpg